7-Day Chairman Bootcamp

Oct 18th – Oct 25th 2021

The mission is to impact, enrich, and educate the lives of 1,000,000 people around the world and that starts with the development of leaders in the organization as the foundation!

Darwin Lopez | John Gauman | Manny Q | Matt Rosa | Jason Brown | MRBANKZZ | MR TEACUP

Day One

Oct 18th, 2021
Chairman 100 Manny Q
How to Launch

Day two

Oct 19th, 2021
Chairman 100 John Gauman
Invite, Edify and Follow Up

Day three

Oct 20th, 2021
Chairman 750 Jason Brown
Social Media Mastery

Day four

Oct 21st, 2021
Chairman 750 Matt Rosa
How to Develop Leaders

Day five

Oct 22nd, 2021
Ch250 Darwin Lopez/Ch100 Brandon Boyd
Build to Trade/Trade to Build

Day six

Oct 23rd, 2021
Chairman 250 Mr Bank ZZZZ
Power of Social Media

Day seven

Oct 24th, 2021
Chairman 100 Mr TEACUP