What if you had the opportunity to take advantage of the crypto industry without worrying about market volatility?

Discover how you can realize the multiple benefits of joining this dynamic HyperCommunity membership platform, backed by the world’s most comprehensive digital ecosystem.

I have questions after watching the corporate presentation. How do I get more information

The person who invited you to this site can get you plugged in to more information and resources that will answer any questions you have.

How do I get started?

Membership is by invitation only.  Get back with the person who invited you and they will get you step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

I don't know how to acquire USDT. Can I just send you fiat currency (dollars, Euros, etc)?

Our members are not money brokers and our membership platform is not an exchange.  We do not provide financial advice, but we can provide you with a general list of exchanges available in your country for you to decide how you can purchase USDT.

What is HU?

HU is not a token, not a digital currency, and is not tradable. It is simply a designation of Rewards within the HyperVerse platform.

HU is always equivalent to USD. HU has never been ‘aligned’ with MOF. You always receive the market value of MOF based on the HU value you are redeeming. Then you simply sell / trade the MOF on an exchange, if so desired.

And please remember that HU is not a coin or token or crypto of any kind. It is really just a placeholder / bookkeeping system within HyperVerse.

I'm not any good at referring other people. Is referring others really optional?

Referring others is always completely optional; you will never be pressured to do so!

Are there any signup or registration fees?

HyperVerse never charges any fees to create your account and doesn’t have any monthly fees or forced upgrades.  There are also no fees that you should ever pay to your sponsor.

How do the commissions work?

HyperVerse doesn’t pay any commissions for referring others.  We have an accelerated Rewards Plan, in which referring others simply accelerates your own Rewards.

I don't understand much about crypto at all!

One of the benefits of membership is the blockchain education you’ll receive, prodided from beginner level to advanced, all delivered in short videos, articles and podcasts that are easy to understand.  Earn certificates as you learn.

This sounds like an investment. Why does the presentation say it is not?

HyperVerse is a membership rewards program, serving as the customer acquisition arm of the HyperTech Group, tasked with building a community of blockchain-educated members around the world who will then be educated about the optional products and services offered by the Group. To incentivise members to help in that task, Hyper offers very attractive benefits to members.

What are the benefits of membership that all members receive?

All active members receive University-level blockchain education, daily Rewards points based on the value of membership acquired, and access to optional products and services offered by the greater HyperVerse ecosystem.

How can I receive more than 3 times my membership value in Rewards?

It is not possible. Once a member receives 3 times the value of their membership in Rewards, the membership expires. 100% of our active members receive 0.5% of the value of their membership every single day until that 3x value is reached.

What are the optional products and services available from the ecosystem?

Optional membership benefits include free access to the HyperPay app, a multi-function digital crypto wallet which offers an optional crypto debit card that members may apply for. Additional products and services may be offered beginning Q1 2022. Some of these offers may require full KYC, may be subject to regulatory control, and may not be available in all countries.

What fees does HyperVerse charge if I choose to redeem and withdraw my Rewards?

Hyper does not charge any fees when members choose to redeem rewards. However, moving any token on the blockchain does incur gas fees which are charged by exchanges.

What is the HyperVerse refund policy?

Hyper does not offer an investment or financial product or service and does not manage a deposit account. Acquisition of a membership is not refundable. This is why we recommend careful consideration of membership.

Does HyperVerse offer a guarantee?

Your choice to join HyperVerse as a member entitles you to a multitude of benefits, including daily Rewards. All such Rewards are offered on a best-efforts basis, and all activity in the crypto space comes with risk. HyperVerse works to mitigate that risk, for instance by only accepting USDT for exchange into HU. USDT is a digital currency that is historically not subject to market volatility. Please refer to our disclaimers in every presentation.

Is there a minimum age requirement for membership?

Members must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for membership.

Can I add to my original membership?

Each membership is stand-alone and cannot be added to or “topped up”. However, you are welcome to acquire additional memberships within your account at any time.

Can I get rich with HyperVerse?

HyperVerse is a membership platform with very attractive benefits for members. Rewards points can be redeemed for digital currency and withdrawn to an external exchange. There is no representation at any time that this is a ‘get rich quick’ plan. As with anything in the crypto space, please do careful research and make your own informed decision.

Is this a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes are businesses where the emphasis is on recruiting, rather than on products or services. HyperVerse does not depend on recruiting. In a Ponzi, there is usually no real product or service being sold, and earlier members end up getting paid by later sales. Obviously these rules do not apply to HyperVerse, since all memberships involve the acquisition of a membership, and the referral acceleration rewards are paid only as members themselves receive rewards.

Can I have multiple accounts and earn accelerated rewards from those accounts?

The purpose of HyperVerse is to grow the customer base for the HyperTech group. As such, members are not permitted to stack multiple accounts in an attempt to personally receive accelerated Rewards for themselves.

I've never been in a company like this. Do you offer training?

The HyperCommunity is a dynamic and vibrant community ready to help you every step of the way. We offer weekly technical training as well as leadership training – we hope to see you there!

I have a question that isn't answered here. Where can I find answers?

We recommend watching our Corporate Presentation, even if you watched it once. Many times seeing it again answers your questions. If still unclear, please reach out to the member who invited you to help get all of your questions answered.