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How Do I Change My Transaction Password?


1. Go to your Account page (bottom right corner)
2. Click on the Security Centre
3. Click on ‘Set Security Questions’
4. Set up three security questions and fill in their answers
5. Go back to your Account page
6. Click on the hexagon icon (top right corner)
7. Click on ‘Update Transaction Password’
8. Click on the question mark icon on the ‘Old Password’ column (right side)
9. Click on ‘Verify Security Question’
10. Fill in the answers to your 3 security questions
11. Click on ‘Submit’, then input a new transaction password



What Is Someone Doesn't Want To Use Their Bank Account?

The one recommendation I would give is to go to a store and purchase a prepaid Visa or Mastercard and use that to purchase the USDT you wish to enroll with.

What Do I Say To the Doubters?


Corporate Response to article 

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[Forwarded from Luther | HC CM]

I would like to take the opportunity to address two common arguments/questions:

1. “HyperCommunity & the HyperVerse platform operates as a pyramid scheme.”

This is one of the main arguments that is used by people to discredit it.

While it is true that HyperVerse has a system to reward community builders who invite others to the HyperCommunity (as many other companies do), it is necessary to make it clear that they are not actually paying any commissions at all, but simply an acceleration of the 2-3x that you are getting. In other words, inviting others gets you the total 2-3x FASTER.

Let me also shed some light on the rewards in the referral plan:

 • The Community, VIP, and Global Reward are Residual Rewards. This means that community builders receive a daily accelerated reward in the form of a small % of the rewards of their team. But the most important thing is that the origin of these payments ARE NOT THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF NEW MEMBERS, but rather obtained from the profits of the company. Even if not a single partner entered, those rewards would continue to be given to you. And also, as mentioned before, this isn’t commission, but rather an acceleration of the rewards you are already getting by becoming a member of the community.

2. “Why do they need our money if they are so successful already?”

The reality is, this entire vision is far beyond money. When it comes to money, it’s clear through the holdings, investments, and companies they own that they have generated billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies and helped incubate some of the biggest projects in crypto.

This project was created for three common reasons:

1) Mass adoption

2) Giving back to the world and giving them an opportunity to benefit from the growth of this industry as well.

Ryan Xu himself was named as a self-proclaimed “Utopian Capitalist” by top global media outlet Washington Post (Click Here and has always had a vision of a world where normal people have a fighting chance in a world where massive corporations control everything.

And he also wants to fix one fundamental flaw in the blockchain and crypto industry: the lack of loyal communities.

Multi-billion dollars multinational corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon realize the power of community and users understand mass adoption cannot be achieved without loyal users. Many projects in the blockchain and crypto industry suffer the same fate, which is they are used as tools for speculation and greed, pumped and then dumped and no actual value or underlying technology that can really change the world is ever realized.

If you research into the projects HyperTech is developing, such as HCash, MOF, and HyperDao, you will see that this is cutting edge technology developed together with prestigious universities and supported by governments. And Ryan wants these projects and his vision to truly be achieved.

By leveraging a community, where he and the team can share the profits on a daily basis that they make with their companies and in their many business ventures and reward the members for participating in his vision, not only is The HyperTech Group able to leverage the community membership to continually grow their ecosystem and work with new governments around the world, but something else powerful happens:

Happy members start to see value in their projects, exchanges, and platforms, and suddenly, the 100s of thousands or millions of people that were initially only leveraging HyperVerse are now loyal users of their many exchanges, their wallets, and holding their tokens long term. And thus, a loyal community is built and transformative things can continue to happen with a strong community backing them.

And this is why Ryan and the whole HyperTech Group want and need a loyal community to take their ambitions and goals to the next level.


⛓🌎 Hyper Tech Group 30 April 2021

Ryan Xu (the Martian 👽) lands on the OFFICIAL SEC 🇺🇸 site and the largest media in the UAE.

💥 Ryan Xu is working to implement blockchain in the financial, banking and industrial sectors in the UAE 

👽 Full article:

Full article: 

💥 RYAN XU, one of the most influential figures in the blockchain industry is director/CSO of a company listed on Nasdaq 🇺🇸

👽 Full article: 

This is real, tangible information and once again demonstrates the greatness of the group

💪 Leading companies in the Blockchain sector recognized by the largest world bodies 💫

We want to thank our community for the enormous affection they have shown us over the past 2 years ❤️ 

Let’s continue to build the largest Blockchain alliance in the world together

Another recent article

One of the main questions I get is this:

1.) “How /with what is the company going to sustain profits for the members?”


In the same manner that makes the entire ecosystem sustainable now – via the multiple activities they undertake on a daily basis to generate significant profits.  Hyperverse is a membership and the funds raised are used towards incubation of the 300 new startup projects the HyperTech Group is looking to bring to market. 


Large Scale Crypto Mining farms

Crypto Whales – Market-Makers 

Angel Investing

Launching Innovative Projects

Staking Incubated Projects

Utility Token Listing Fees

Crypto Exchange Fees

Secondly they are continuing to evolve and add new services and projects to the ecosystem.   So many great things to come with the roll out of the HyperVerse and The Olgilvy Project which includes 9 new profitable apps/ services.

⭐ Their ROADMAP ⭐

–  300 billion invested in new projects generating profits for the group along with 30 million members utilizing and supporting those services/ products.

So in view of this I have no questions as to how the company is going to sustain profits for its members. 

Ultimately it will naturally occur as the ecosystem expands, develops and evolves based on the HyperTech group’s plans and roadmap for the next 5+ years and beyond. 

I’m guessing they will pretty much continue to do what they have done the past 10 years in building the ‘Blockchain empire’ they have established currently.

With the support of community and with dedicated users the entire ecosystem will grow and evolve to a level we are yet to see in the decentralized finance and blockchain industry. 

I understand this is a paradigm shift from centralized banking and what you are used to. I feel blessed that this opportunity fell into my lap.

Amazing times are ahead of us and I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to be a part of it.  🙏🤩

Tell them to do extensive due diligence and not just surface level reading. This project has been here for 2 years and the founders have been here since the inception of the blockchain and crypto industry.

They aren’t going anywhere and the companies they have founded are the earliest and some of the most established in the entire blockchain industry. And there is mountains of evidence online of the monumental contributions they have made to the industry

What is HU?

🔸What is HU ?🔸

HU is not a token, not a digital currency, and is not tradable. It is simply a designation of Rewards within the HyperVerse platform.

HU is always equivalent to USD. HU has never been ‘aligned’ with MOF. You always receive the market value of MOF based on the HU value you are redeeming. Then you simply sell / trade the MOF on an exchange, if so desired.

And please remember that HU is not a coin or token or crypto of any kind. It is really just a placeholder / bookkeeping system within HyperVerse

What are your Membership Benefits?

⭐️Membership Benefits⭐️

▶️ Triple your (1 time) membership fee in less than 2 years.

▶️ Generate daily rewards at a minimum of 0.5%, and up to 1% everyday.

▶️ Exponentially grow your rewards over time.

▶️ Access to exclusive private pre-sale tokens – hand picked blockchain projects.

▶️ Receive blockchain education – developed by the best universities.

▶️ Access to unique applications – decentralized apps to improve your life and business.

▶️ Earn while you learn.

▶️ Be a part of a community that’s supporting the strongest blockchain alliance in the industry.

What Are The Rewards?

⭐️Rewards Explanation⭐️

There are no commissions paid on top of your personal rewards. You do not receive “more” for referring others – you simply accelerate your own rewards.

Your personal “passive rewards” are earned at a minimum of 0.5% per day based on the value of your membership(s) owned including Rebuys. If you refer others, you put those rewards into hyperdrive – also called accelerated rewards. Meaning, you reach 3 times the value of your membership(s) owned more quickly.

When referring or sponsoring other members, you HyperDrive (accelerate) your rewards, so you won’t need to wait the full 600 days to reach that 3x value.

Both your passive (personal) and hyperdrive (community and VIP rewards) come out of your Pending, so never let your pending reach zero otherwise you will no longer receive rewards as there won’t be anything to accelerate!

Useful Scripts

Hi (name)

Thank you for being a blessing and thank you for your interest in this amazing program. 🙏😊

This is totally passive so you can make money without referring anyone.

When you’re done watching it let me know and I’ll be glad to answer any questions that you have.

🔥Initial info on HF🔥


❇️ Hyperverse presentation made simple…12 minutes👇

❇️ Hyperverse full presentation with Kalpesh…37 minutes👇

❇️ Documentary with Hyperverse Founder, Ryan Xu – series about blockchain showing our stability and introduces Ryan…👇

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