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Steps To Withdraw Rewards

Step 1 - Moving Rewards to Financial Section
The first step in the process of withdrawing your rewards is to move the rewards you want to withdraw from the rewards section to the Financial section.   Watch the video below to see exactly how that’s done:

Step 2 - Exchanging to MOF
In this step you will exchange your HU to MOF so that you can send it to to convert it to USDT or whichever crypto currency you desire.

Step 3 - Withdrawing your MOF to
In this step I will take you through withdrawing your newly exchanged MOF to your account so you can convert it in step 4: Watch Video Below

Step 4 - Converting MOF to USDT
In this step we will be converting your MOF to USDT so we can then send it to CoinZoom or wherever you want to eventually send it to your bank account.  Watch The Video Below: 

Step 5 - Sending USDT to CoinZoom
In step 5 I will show you how to send your newly converted USDT to your CoinZoom account.  Watch the Video Below: 

** Dislcaimer:  We are not recommending coinzoom over any other exchange platform.  You can choose which ever one you feel comfortable with this is just the one that I use.

Step 6 - Converting USDT to USD
In step 6 I will show you exactly how to convert your USDT to USD so that you can then withdraw it to your bank account: Watch video below:

Final Step - Sending USD To Your Bank
We are now at the final step of sending your USD to your bank account: Watch the video below: